Over the years, we have built a reputation with creditors who would much prefer to receive repayment of an individual’s outstanding credit balance than to sue him or see him go bankrupt.

DMP (Debt Management Plan)

Individual counseling involves a thorough review of your financial situation and is tailored to your specific concerns. Often, through budget development and advice from their counselor, clients are better able to handle their debt problems directly with their creditors. However, when appropriate and necessary, CCCS of Hawaii can set up a Debt Management Plan (DMP) under which we contact each creditor to arrange monthly payments the client can afford. Often the creditors will waive or reduce late payment fees or even interest if they know that the debt will be repaid on a regular payment schedule.

Ready to get started?

  • Begin by downloading the appropriate forms. Read the instructions carefully before completing the forms and sending them to our office.

  • When you have completed the forms, mail your application back to us with the $20.00 Counseling Fee, payable by Money Order or Personal Check (please do not send cash).

  • Your financial situation will be carefully evaluated in a personalized and confidential session that will last approximately one hour.